Night Whisper by Lenz every Sunday 19 (7pm) CEST on LTU Radio

Lenz is an electronic duo formed by Irish DJ & producer (DJ Joma) and German vocalist, songwriter (Moon Aton). Working together since 2020, they have enjoyed a number of successful releases to date on labels such as Colour & Pitch, Personal Belongings, 3Bridge Records and Be Adult Music (Ibiza). With a string of releases already scheduled for 2022, it promises to be a bright future for Lenz.

Their monthly ‘Night Whisper’ Podcast show seemed like the natural progression of what they have been doing, and thanks to the help of radio stations like Pure Ibiza Radio, Ibiza Global Radio, Bloop Radio London, Boogie Bunker Radio, Estacion Ibiza Radio, Data Transmission Radio and Like That Underground (Germany), it has developed brilliantly, and helped bring the Lenz sound to all corners of the world.

Atmospheric, dreamy, raw and cinematic, Lenz is as comfortable taking you on an emotional journey as making you sweat on the dance floor. Never afraid to go too deep, their emotive musical selections are their own therapy. Having grown up on their individual eclectic combinations of European electronica and synth-infused 80s music … all which became infused with their own love for house music, Lenz have ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence. Today, after working together closely this past year, this translates into DJ sets and production releases where they pick apart and infuse together all the pieces of this music that they love best: beautiful synth work, ethereal backdrops, brooding basslines, atmospheric breakbeats and occasional vocal hooks… all on top of a pronounced foot-shuffling house beat. Together they create the very essence of their signature sound, an emotional and organic contrast of dark and bright, deep, cinematic, genre bending styles, rich in melody and emotion.

In their own words…

“This is the story of Lenz.

A strange story full of coincidences.

Of dreams and reality.

Of beauty and desire.

Of longing and dejection.

Of laughter and tears.

A German girl … an Irish boy.

In search of the perfect beat and the right words.

A story full of dreams and hope, but also of failure and despair.

Driven by the desire to bring beauty into the world.

And even if their music reaches few at the beginning …

It was worth it all, if it made just one heart dance with joy.

A story within a story.

A dream within a dream.

This is the end of this story … but the beginning of the next …”