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EP: Jay Hill ft. Ursula Rucker – Evolution Party
LABEL: People Of The Light
RELEASE: 2020-04-10


People of the Light’s second label release is 2-tracker ‘Evolution Party’EP has a special tale and it goes a little something like this. . .

Evolution Party is theculmination of two female artists (Jay Hill & Ursula Rucker) based in Philadelphia who were brought together by the suggestion of legendary composer and musical genius, King Britt. Over many coffees and studio sessions, the two discovered a lot about each other and bonded oversimilar life experiences and the struggles of navigating through musical sphere as females. As it turns, Jay is the first female producer that Ursula has ever worked with; and this face-to-face and soul-to-soul connection is graciously translated through thegorgeous, floating melodic beauties contained in the original mix.

Leading the EP with dense, pulsing bassline contrastingwithethereal pads and driving forward all the while. The final output displays the marriage of hypnotism and melody perfectly with Ursula’s classic concoction of poetics and singing that are brimming with sensitivity and presence.

For the second chapter of the Evolution Party tale, POTL label boss Jay wanted to balancethe release with herlove affair of warehouse style technoandcalledupon Swedishtechno prince, Tiger Stripesto do the job. . . His astonishing rendition offers a pure Drumcode style workout laden with trippy dub chords and choice moments ofdropsin order to propel its unrelenting momentum as a backdrop for Ursula’s emotive vocals. Tiger Stripesrelentlessly bangs on the drums with thunderclapsand lightning bolts essential for the late night, main room devastation. . .