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EP: BOHO, GAGA & Mateo – Kenzo
LABEL: Jannowitz Records
RELEASE: 2020-04-06


This very special Jannowitz Records release is brought to you by three of the hottest producers out there at the moment. Jannowitz label head BOHO teamed up with techno power duo Gaga & Mateo! to create what is probably the most pumping EP that the imprint has brought ot life in the last years.
„Kenzo“ EP consists – as usual – of two original tracks and two remixes. The title track being the classic Jannowitz Records style: melodic, minimal and full-on techno. With heavy-hitting kicks, slashing percussions and some minimalistic synth elements that prodive the track with the infamous space invader touch.
„Switch“ on the other hand is more progressive, one of the many other key styles of JAW. It’s a proper deep tech track with carefully located vocal elements and a synth-heavy break that will spiral you onto Mars.
But let’s move on to our fantastic remixers: The Reason Y and Drumcomplex are back! Two people who have accompanied the label over the past not only as artists but also as friends. The Reason Y’s remix of „Kenzo“ is a hypnotic masterpiece and offers exactly what you would expect of a regular on imprints like Second State and Terminal M.
When we received Drumcomplex’s remix, we were blown away by the creativity that our homie has put into creating this beast. His „Kenzo“ remix is straight forward, yet uplifting in a way. Listen for yourselves. We can promise one thing: You won’t regret it.