Sisko Electrofanatik is going to release his “Decade (10 Years Of Gain) [Collection Album]” on his powerful label, Gain Records:

Stream & Buy Records celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new collection of albums. The collection is stocked with original tracks and remixes from the label head, Sisko Electrofanatik.

“Here we arrived at the 10th year of Gain Records” – said Sisko, the label boss – “This is a collection of originals and remixes, including some of the best tracks released and reworked by me”.All of the tracks have charted on the Beatport techno charts and some have reached over a million streams. With songs like “Insatiable”, “Fading Lights” or “Only One” compositions are represented that are regularly performed by artists such as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin or Joseph Capriati.This is the official tracklist of the Collection album:

1. Onium (Decade Mix) by Sisko Electrofanatik2. Fading Lights (Original Mix) by Sisko Electrofanatik3. Insatiable (Original Mix) by Sisko Electrofanatik4. Anasthasia (Original Mix) by Sisko Electrofanatik & Dino Maggiorana5. Keel (Original Mix) by Sisko Electrofanatik & Klaark6. Cocaine (Original Mix) by Sisko Electrofanatik7. Only One (Original Mix) by Sisko Electrofanatik8. ON (Original Mix) by Sisko Electrofanatik9. Reborn (Sisko Electrofanatik Remix) by Dyno10. Monero (Sisko Electrofanatik ‘XMR’ Remix) by Roberto Pagliaccia11. DOS (Sisko Electrofanatik Remix) by D Lewis12. Watch It Now (Sisko Electrofanatik Remix) by Timebandit13. Sweet Dreams (Sisko Electrofanatik) by Enrico Saba aka C_sky14. Burnout (Sisko Electrofanatik Remix) by Dangeli15. Only one (Drop Intro) by Sisko Electrofanatik