A true driving force of the Stil vor Talent fold since the landing of his debut EP “Nandoo” in 2018, Sam Shure has cemented his position as one of today’s finest names when it comes to shape shifting , polyamorous soundscapes. Using his background in traditional music to take club music into unheard directions, Sam keeps carving out a lane of his own, and his newest four-track delivery for Stil vor Talent – “Malfunction” – proves a new tour de force in his quest for time and space-transcending material.

Merging middle-eastern melodic tropes with the most cutting-edge arsenal of circuit-driven chatter, the title-track pulls out an infectious metronomic swagger adorned with EBM-friendly cascades of shimmering bleeps and raging drums that keep on swelling as bars fly by. Doped on fly, chiselled breaks and a fractalised sound design rife with fractured vocal samples, “Permutation” flings us in a furnace of flash-flowing, mangled synth ellipses and bone-bruising bass moves that’ll have you hard-pressed to find your way back to the surface.

Not one to crank it down one inch for real, “Attenuator” does the very opposite of its name, except perhaps for its more understated, deep-end-friendly approach. Going the dubbier way, this one finds Shure boasting the width of his skills and ever-sharp knack for cutting riveting slabs of pared-down psychedelia. Topping it off, “Sopra il Mondo (featuring Francesca Siano)” is a straightforward roller tinged with Shure’s broad palette of jazzy inflections, Latin neo-classicism and oriental harmonics. A correspondingly ambitious and inspired closer to a new master stroke from an artist in full possession of his art.

Tracklist:1. Sam Shure – Malfunction (Original Mix)2. Sam Shure – Permutation (Original Mix)3. Sam Shure – Sopra Il Mondo feat. Francesca Siano (Original Mix)4. Sam Shure – Attenuator (Original Mix)