Before you lie a landscape marked by monumental topography, a cacophony of mesas, sheer cliffs, and ravines that tumble almost instantaneously into each other. A world aeons older than your own, the pervasive natural forces of the universe have sculpted it into a masterpiece of flora and stone. From the cliffsides cascade an endless ecosystem of epiphytic vines, grasping gracefully onto the knurled surface of the exposed sandstone. Far below, the rainwater that runs filtered through the mountainsides gathers in cerulean pools in the depths of the ravines, which glisten gently in the light of the few rays of sunlight that reach their surfaces. What new life might lurk hidden amidst these crevasses, striding upon the sandstone or soaring above it? Coiled around the portal, the VISION SERPENT now promises an elder knowledge, something long lost yet intrinsically tied to all that surrounds you, something that can be found only amidst the bounties of this lush and beautiful land. YVC make their VISION SERPENT debut with PIECE OF MIND, a single that features a pair of remixes from 8Kicks & Krypta. The title track’s determined bassline rolls out beneath an assortment of glitched sonic fragments that flit about within its darkened atmosphere, with 8kick’s remix redefining the low-end motion and incorporating a mysterious melodic motif. This is followed by WHEN IT COMES, the single’s B-side from YVC which thrums with galvanic tonalities that emanate from its driving rhythmic core. Krypta’s remix closes the EP by rerouting these tonal currents, folding them back on themselves for an expertly warped take on the original track.

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EP: YVC – Piece Of Mind
LABEL: Vision Serpent
RELEASE: 2024-04-05

Mastered by Zeamoon Mastering