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ALBUM: VA – 20 Years Cocoon Recordings
LABEL: Cocoon Recordings
RELEASE: 2021-02-19


To celebrate 20 since inception, Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings is serving up a special 15 track collection that brings together new and exclusive tracks from artists that have been a huge part of the journey. Presented as a deluxe 6 x 12″ box set with a silver foil cover and paper insert with individual sleeves and luminescent paint, this is a suitably spectacular collection that pays homage to one of techno’s finest operations.
20 years is a long time in any facet of life, but in techno it is eons. The genre evolves so quickly that staying relevant for even half that time is some achievement, so to still be recognised as one of the genre’s most iconic and influential labels after such an extended period is testament to the vision of its founder Sven Väth. The popular character, much loved DJ and always innovative creative force started out with an early rave techno sound back in the late eighties that he has steered into much broader realms ever since.