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EP: Ross Harper – Open Heart
LABEL: City Wall Records
RELEASE: 2020-05-01


Fresh off the back of support from Nemone on BBC Radio 6 Music and from Rob Zile on Kiss FM Australia comes this latest EP from Ross Harper.

Track 1: “Open Heart” -A bright uplifting thumper with a super attractive clap that just cuts through the mix. The simple but spell blindingly powerful percussion draw your attention in closer and closer to the beautiful, beautiful bubbly lead synth, and it is this lead, coupled with the signature Ross chimes that make “Open Heart” a slice of dance floor heaven.

Track 2: “The Sickle” -Inspired by his time at Glastonbury in 2019, Ross was dancing to some techno in field and he felt a deep yearning for the DJ to drop a constant sub bass drone, but it never came, and so the concept for “The Sickle” was born. And it is that feeling of freedom, of dancing in a field to a thumping beat, that gave rise to the vocal snippet, “here we live forever”.

Track 3: “Identity Crisis” -Sooo deep, sooo dubby, sooo trippy. People have commented on Ross’s “twinkly sounding” works, saying they want more of it. Well, “Identity Crisis” has it in spades. It’s a sound and a feeling that simply cannot be put into words. It’s something like an alien desert landscape combined with a Neolithic standing stone. Unfamiliar yet somehow “meant to be”, completely separate yet somehow perfectly united.

Track 4: “Japanese Space Age” -All about feeling. A throw back to his time in 90s rave chill out zones but with an exotic oriental twist! “Japanese Space Age” speaks of the past, but is also a signpost to the future, expect more alternative electronica from Ross in the coming months with his new album on the way. Ross’s last album “Homecoming” saw support from none other than Martin Gore of Depeche Mode.