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EP: Idem Nevi – Athena
LABEL: Requested Soul Records
RELEASE: 2020-03-30



Requested Soul co-founder Idem Nevi kicks off his new label this March with this three-track offering entitled ‘Athena’ EP.

Self-taught producer Idem Nevi is a melodic techno maestro who layers up heavy beats and deep atmospheres. As a lifelong raver he draws on the energy of the dance floor, and has himself played epic venues like a WWII submarine bunker in Bordeaux as well as clubs all round Europe. Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin and Paco Osuna have all played his music in the past, and will likely fall for these new ones just the same.

The label came about after Nevi was playing in a massive Church alongside 999999999, Regal, Agents of Time and many others. Johannes Heil was also playing, and afterward the pair had a long chat that inspired Nevi to start his own label.

He, along with co-founder Hallsax, decided to launch with ‘Athena’ on this EP as it is one that has had plenty of ID requests whenever the pair played it at recent gigs. Nevi says, ”the general vibe and style of the tracks of the EP are authentic and original in a way that it does not fit totally the current techno tendencies but at the same time respect the codes to this specific music.” What’s more, Carl Craig’s sound engineer and tour manager Christophe was involved with the final touches of the tracks polishing them off magnificently.

Opener ‘Athena’ is a driving and darkly hypnotic wedge of techno that never lets up. The drums hit hard, while the synths bring an air of thoughtfulness and mystery that keeps you intrigued. ‘Anam’ is another perfect combination of firmly rooted drums and more celestial keys and chords that bring light to the dark. Last of all, ‘Welt’ is turbocharged with painted and melancholic chords that hang heavy above the rolling kicks.