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EP: DEAS – Desert Ride EP
RELEASE: 2021-02-22


The next EP due for release welcomes Polish star DEAS to the roster who is fresh off the back of EP’s on Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection and legendary Dutch label Planet Rhythm as he continues to make strong impressions with his expertly crafted dance floor weapons.

“Never Again” has stabbing electrified tones and sweeping effects in this intense, thumping techno trip that’s a powerful and dynamic combination.

The second track “Desert Ride” uses interesting mechanical hits with a spacey aesthetic to create a vibrant mood throughout before more energy hits home from crashing claps and crafty, cymbal action.

“Ultimatum” is the third original work that kicks off with a darker and pacey vibe. Looming menace and drones appear under the pulsing blasts of acid-tinged stabs.

The last of the vinyl tracks “Phase” has a heavier feel from the outset. Its driving style comes to a hault as the beat drops to allow for the synth lead hook to take prominence and really establish the essence of this peak time offering.

Exclusive to the digital release is an ambient offering “Slow Down Time” that is full of melancholic melodies and deep emotion.