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EP: Alan D’Cid & Endroi – Synthetic Genetics
LABEL: Curiosity Music
RELEASE: 2020-04-17


Mexicans Endroi and Alan D’ Cid join their forces to release Synthetic Genetics:
Both coming from Mexico City, Endroi and Alan D’ Cid are used to working together and this hot
new release is their latest masterpiece. Synthetic Genetics is the duos fifth EP, a pure minimal
techno marvel.
Pretty new on the electronic scene, Alan D’ Cid started producing two years ago. His passion for
creating energetic and elegant rhythms, focused on futuristic sounds, are immediately apparent
after hearing the four original mixes. Endroi, on his side, has a long career behind him, but only
took that name in 2011. Endroi’s sounds perfectly complements Alan D’ Cid, as he has
tendencies to develop more analogical, melodic and heavy sounds.
To perfect this release, the Italian Jon Cataldo remixed the track Dimentional Game in an
electrifying version. The French Mike Krier offers us another remix of the track, that’s really
energetic and made for the party peak time!
This disruptive and surprising sound narrative, the EP is a true musical journey, epic under acid.
Percussive, melodic, mesmerizing, prophetic and futuristic, here are tracks you will keep in your
playlist for long!