An autumnal vision appears before you, ensconced in a golden aura that ripples at its edges. The sides of a deep canyon corral your view along a single pathway that leads to a range of distant mountains, its slopes barren, brown, and bespeckled by a strange grasslike cilium that sways gently despite the lack of evident wind. This undulating organism only becomes more prevalent in the foreground, where its yellow coloration mimics that of the fallen leaves of your homeworld. Here to be found are no rotting remains upon which for this fungus to feast, and yet even in its widespread prevalence it is dwarfed in size by the gargantuan decomposers that neighbor it, with stalks that stretch to spread their spores wide beneath the blanket of the clouded sky.



There is a familiarity to this vision that the great serpent presents, reminiscent for you of journeys past within a world of cerulean hue. Perhaps this locale can be found upon the same spatial body, a neighbor or far-flung echo of that other mycelial realm? One thing stands as certain – knowledge occult is promised to those with the intellect and constitution necessary to brave the serpent’s trials. The portal lies open before you – shall you enter this strangely stagnant realm? TIM TASTE makes his VISION SERPENT debut for the label’s fourth release with his single Ideas//Raindance, further featuring a remix of the former by label curator DAVID PHOENIX. Replete with a resplendent collection of psytech tonalities, the tracks within are sure to attune listeners to their sonic senses of both Taste and Vision alike.

Release: TiM TASTE – Ideas
LABEL: Vision Serpent
RELEASE DATE: 2023-12-22