Sisko Electrofanatik’s record label Gain Records welcomes an EP by Denise Schneider, which alongside her two original tracks also features remixes from Jo Pool and Sisko Electrofanatik.

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Denise Schneider is a German artist who has already charted No.1 in Beatport’s peak time techno section with her remix of Nils Van Gogh’s “Pulverturm”. Since then, she has released her dark and twisted style of high energy techno via labels ranging from Spartaque’s Made In Brussels to The YellowHeads’ Reload.

Based in Italy, Sisko Electrofanatik is well-known for his top-selling releases on highly influential techno record labels such as Terminal M, We Are The Brave, Intec, AnalyticTrail and Codex.

Jo Poole is a talented up-and-coming artist from the UK who has been making waves with driving techno releases on Kraftek, Say What?, Respekt and Odd Recordings.

“Lose My Mind” opens the release with a haunting vocal and pulsating bassline driven by pounding percussion. Jo Poole’s remix of Lose My Mind chunks up the drums to create a relentless groove with her own stabbing lead synth. Sisko Electrofanatik’s remix of Lose My Mind has fast-paced rhythms and a suspense-building breakdown that erupts into a monstrous groove with sinister undertones. “Can You Hear Me” is the second of the originals and it closes the release with a stripped-back groove that builds to a euphoric breakdown with powerful vocals before the drums slam back in with devastating force.