Witness the launch of UNSEEN, a label that tells a story of old and new, of physical and intangible. Modern frequencies and future sounds, merging in the now.

UNSEEN is the collision between art and the digital world. Our music blurs boundaries and radiates on another plane. Our community is one of pure energy, of kindred spirits seeking harmony, feeling, movement, connection. The label’s true vision is to give room for creative minds to explore themselves and their sounds. Find their art and better it. Reach old frontiers and surpass them.

Connect with reality, because now starts the UNSEEN journey; a sonic odyssey rhythmed by compelling melodies, resounding beats and underlying grooves. Full of talented artists and avid listeners, coming together in one big exchange of energy—be it on the dancefloor or through new releases.To every dancer, techno lover and art seeker, keep your eyes where the music lays… Ourfirst release is coming up on the on July 27.