Berlin-based start-up realizes a real interactive streaming experience on an international festival level on 13th March 2021
With from Berlin, one of the most exciting and promising start-ups in the tech industry has been launched this year, opening up completely new perspectives for the event industry. The realized idea of an “interactive” streaming platform is already stirring big international media waves.

The novel concept: visitors can stream a selected event via, switch back & forth between different floors, interact and, above all, communicate with each other individually via live video transmission – in other words, people can actually see and talk to each other, get “shuffled” and permanently meet new faces.

Now the team is realizing its own festival with international label showcases and heavyweights of the electronic music industry. Among them AKA AKA, andhim, André Winter, Carlo Ruetz, Hidden Empire, Jake The Rapper, Monkey Safari, Oliver Huntemann, Oliver Koletzki, Pretty Pink, Super Flu, Yetti Meissner, YouNotUs and many more acts on more than 5 parallel floors hosted by Stil vor Talent, Senso Sounds, Monaberry, Deep Woods and Soundity.

However, interactivity is not only offered by the direct exchange via video among the users, but also by further tools to be discovered such as a “bar button”, which for the time being in Berlin only, allows to get special drinks delivered to one’s home during the festival. The digital interactive festival & club experience fuses with elements of analog reality – partying, enjoying music and exchanging ideas from home and yet together with thousands of other guests!

There are over 1.5 million social media fans of the acts playing at LifeLive Festival worldwide, but only 5,000 tickets will be sold to keep the family-atmosphere and stay scene-oriented. All profits collected from the festival will be distributed to the participating labels and artists in full.
“With this, we want to send a signal and give hope. We are musicians ourselves and know how it is for the creative scene after a year without events and events. With and our festival we want to make our contribution to overcoming the crisis. But in perspective, we also want to show festivals and clubs new paths”, the founders Daniel Breyer and Felix Reiter explain.

Festivals and clubs can use the platform for their own formats and thus not only implement Corona-compliant digital events, but also expand their target audience at regular events worldwide.
“For us, represents the future of the event industry, be it currently in the event landscape restricted by Corona or also regularly as a hybrid addition to reach additional digital visitors of a real event taking place worldwide. We are therefore incredibly proud to have been able to support the company since its inception,” says Lars Kaemmerer, responsible for the business development and owner of the accompanying agency Push Hard PR.

+++ LIFELIVE FESTIVAL | 13th March 2021
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