Formed by Irish DJ & producer DJ Joma and German vocalist Moon Aton, Deep House duo Lenz return to Colour and Pitch with dreamy, timely, soul-stirring cut ‘Still I Rise’, inspired by (and featuring the empowering words of) poet Maya Angelou.

“You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.”

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“Nothing can control the dust, and when the revolutionary wind gathers, we will all rise like a collective dust particle, full of self-acceptance and diamond space glitter” say Lenz. “We love this inspirational poem by Maya Angelou. It is a Victory Anthem for every human, every Nation, every minority ever put down and treated unjustly. For anyone who can relate to what it means to demand your rights, to raise your voice and to break free of the shackles of some domination.”

“It is a confident voice, full of strength and pride, saying that regardless of the obstacles and challenges life throws at us, we can emerge stronger, to rise up and away from our past and create a better future with our heads held high. There is nothing that can hold us back. We can rise above anything. We hope our song will enrich those who have ever doubted their strength, their abilities or their worth, and give them new confidence, hope, faith, joy, and stubborn resilience.”

Working together since 2020, Lenz have enjoyed several successful releases to date on labels such as Suprematic, Nordic Voyage, Be Adult Music (Ibiza) and of course Colour and Pitch. Their popular monthly ‘Night Whisper’ Podcast is syndicated to a number of radio stations, including Pure Ibiza Radio, Ibiza Global Radio, Bloop Radio London, Boogie Bunker Radio (Tenerife), Estacion Ibiza Radio, Data Transmission Radio, Radio Zoom (Berlin), Graffiti Kings (London) and Like That Underground (Germany). Never afraid to go too deep with their distinctive organic house productions, their emotional, dreamy melodies and poetic words invigorate the mind and soothe the soul.