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Thousand Fingers is an electronic artist from London, United Kingdom. Originally from Turkey, the masters-educated producer takes the artform approach with his works – possessing a versatile and boundless sonic palate.
Often considered as a storyteller through his productions, Thousand Fingers’ creativity can be piqued in a variety of different ways – with inspiration for his tracks coming via all manner of different sensory responses. Be it a taste, smell, occasion, or an emotion, Thousand Fingers uses reactive processes to lay the foundations of his work.

We had the chance to talk with Thousand Fingers about his new Release Ba Ba Virtue on his Label Follow The Fingers in this trouble times in music scene .

LTU: Hello Thousand Fingers, thanks for interview chance and congrats to the Ba Ba Virtue Release on your Label Follow The Fingers. What do you associate with this Release ?

Thousand Fingers: Hey mate, it is my pleasure. This single is about something I realised while I was dealing with a couple of difficulties late in 2020. I went through an eureka moment that put some hope and inspiration in me which I then managed to channeI into my music and the rest came pretty fast. The song is about these people always around us, who have a fleeting role in our lives or careers. They mostly disappear between the lines and never get the respect they deserve despite helping others with no expectations. I just wanted to give them a tangible presence in this universe.

LTU: Tell us about the Remixer idea with Betoko?

Thousand Fingers: He came to mind while I was making the track, I thought he would fit the sound perfectly and so I emailed him straight away. I was a little bit nervous as we had never worked together before, I had only met him briefly at a venue in London. When I sent him the track, I deliberately didn’t say anything regarding my sound expectations as I wanted to give him free artistic license. In the end, this was a wise decision as he came back to me with a great remix and a new-found energie within the track.

LTU: And which tools do you currently focus on in the studio to enhance your signature sound?

Thousand Fingers: Nowadays I use my guitar quite a lot for adding new sounds into my productions. Apart from that I use standard playing techniques, I focus on the timber by using different picks or slide rings from various materials. For this track I’ve used a glass ring to get that smooth, warm tone. Apart from that I mostly use software instruments and play around with synths sounds. I have to say my current mixing setup is the best I’ve knocked together for a very long time, thanks to my Antelope Audio soundcard, Adam Audio 2.1 system and my birth gift; ears!

LTU: Special times at the moment – how do you spend it ? In the studio for producing or with the family ?

Thousand Fingers: All my family is in Turkey atm and I call them almost every day. It is pretty stressful as you can imagine but thank God they are doing well. On the other hand, me – myself – and I are having a fun time producing new music, dealing with the record label and increasing recognition from my music studio; Follow The Fingers.

LTU: What was the last gig before the virus break? Tell us about it.

Thousand Fingers: Just before the first lockdown I played to a closed party in The Mandrake Hotel – London. I have to say it was really fun and we created a great atmosphere. Who would have known it was going to be my last venue night for a very long time! Then I played at various online events, Zoom parties, and live streams. My most recent online show was filmed on a narrowboat while cruising Hackney Canal – you can find it as One Track Lovers on my Youtube channel.

LTU: What’s next on the Thousand Fingers & Follow The Fingers agenda?

Thousand Fingers: : I have some exciting sounds coming out on FTF. In April, there will be an Indie Dance / Melodic Techno release called “She Said”. Currently, Elisa – someone I met online lately – is preparing a 3D Animation video for it. It is going to be about a common conflict between heart and mind which brings about uncomfortable feelings. Besides that, my new A&R assistant Alex is bringing new impressive producers which I will be releasing under Follow The Fingers in the near future.

LTU: Thanks for the Interview and check here the Release with Betoko Remix on Beatport.

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