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Norwegian duo Ost & Kjex have gone a long way: From their debut album “Some But Not All Cheese Comes From The Moon” (2004), which consisted entirely of sounds originating from cheese and biscuits, over their much acclaimed spicy second long player “Cajun Lunch” (2008, released on Diynamic) and many collaborations with high-flyers such as Solomun (“Federgewicht”), Jamie Jones (“Summer Time”) or H.O.S.H. (“Woo Hoo”), they have grown to become one of the few acts that perfectly bridges the gap between Underground Electronic music and Indie Pop Music.

We had the chance to talk with Ost & Kjex about their new Release Halcyon Eyes on URSL and trouble times in music scene

LTU: Hello, Ost & Kjex, thanks for interview chance and congrats to upcoming EP on URSL. What do you associate with the EP ?

Ost & Kjex: Hi there – thank you very much! We are super happy about this release and to be back on URSL. I had to ask WHALESHARKATTACKS whom wrote the lyrics and sings on Halcyon eyes for some input on this topic:
I honestly didn’t know what the title meant, but I tried to follow the dark mood of the beats. I guess the lyrics are about sacrificing vital parts of oneself in order to adapt to expectation.

LTU: Your sound has evolved since last EP „Dortmund“ on URSL. In which genres are you currently exploring and where is the journey going for you?

Ost & Kjex: Currently we are in a bit weird dark 80s place music wise maybe…And for the future well, thats always really open. Thats the beauty of the Ost & Kjex universe – honestly we never know where we are going next – haha:)

LTU: 1st vinyl release since 2018 – is this special for you after the long time you are in the scence/business ?

Ost & Kjex: Yes, vinyl is definitely very special – we love it! Its not so often these days, a label decides to press vinyl for your release. It means a lot to us so then I take it our music is special for them as well.

LTU: Special times at the moment – how do you spend it ? In the studio for producing or with the family ?

Ost & Kjex: Yes it is. We both have kids so we spend a lot of time at home these days. Trying to make the best of the situation and helping our kids out with schoolwork.
So with kids, unfortunately we don’t get a lot of time in the studio – soon we hope.

LTU: And which tools do you currently focus on in the studio to enhance your signature sound?

Ost & Kjex: When producing…. not sure really – we alway love using field recordings or sounds to implement to fit in our music. When it comes to mixing, Matthew Styles have done the mixes for us lately. He certainly also add a different character to our sound. Its really something we can recommend – to give away your music to some fresh and skilled ears!

LTU: Let us know some words about the „Roe Deers Remix“ on your EP?

Ost & Kjex: We are really happy about his remix of Sakura – trippy and a really well crafted remix as we like it. Ost got to know Roe Deers in Vilnius when playing a gig there with his Sex Judas project and we both liked his sound, and therefore asked him to kindly do a remix for us.

LTU: What was the last gig before the virus break – tell us about it.

Ost & Kjex: Our last gig before the virus break was at the famous Oslo club called Jaeger at the 3rd of January. It was one of their annual DJ marathons with loads of norwegian artists that is also friends of ours in one night. It was a cozy januar night indeed. Hope we can get these moments back soon.

LTU: Do you feel some changes in this time in Norway ?

Ost & Kjex: Yes for sure – it all paused like everywhere… People are distancing, very little social life. But, there is a small optimism here in Norway now as we have managed to keep the virus spread pretty low so far.

LTU: What’s next on the Ost & Kjex agenda ?

Ost & Kjex: We have another EP coming out in may/june on our own label SnickSnackMusic. Two tracks of steamy house – haha.

We are planning to do some more special streaming events in these lockdown times. Apart from that we have a bunch of tracks that only need a final touch and we hope to release them soon as well we are starting to work on material for a brand new album this autumn, very excited about that!

LTU: Thanks for the Interview and check here the LTU Premiere and Halycon Eyes EP (URSL029) of Ost & Kjex on URSL.

RELEASE Vinyl: 2020-04-10
RELEASE Digital: 2020-04-24
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