Helmut Dubnitzky “LIVE”
One hour and 30 min, 14 Tracks from Helmut Dubnitzky in a beautiful Vine Château

00:00 City Walk (Brise Records)
07:24 Pony Cowboy (Kowalski Musik)
13:43 Everything Is (Brise Records)
20:02 Clouds In My Brain (Cervidae Recordings)
26:43 Let The Freaks
31:39 Mieze Katze (BluFin)
39:37 Proll (Brise Records)
46:42 Hands On (Brise Records)
53:12 Like Thief (Brise Records)
59:32 Go & See (Brise Records)
01:05:45 The Hope Dies Last (Kowalski Musik)
01:12:04 You And The Cat (BluFin)
01:16:28 Clouds In My Coffee(Cervidae Recordings)
01:19:26 Only A Dream (Degree Records)