At the end of 2020, Haddadi Von Engst was formally introduced to the world via Canadian label You Plus One. They instantly made their mark on the Beatport charts with big impactful tracks accompanied by superstar remixers like Rodriguez Jr, Einmusik, Oliver Schories and Super Flu. Now Haddadi Von Engst are back with a vengeance for this latest release. ‘iLL Clinton’ is soul food seasoned with style + taste. This fiery Afro-rhythmic jam is packed with melodies sure to propel the Los Angeles duo to the top of the charts yet again. To serve a phat schnitzel on the side of this USDA-certified sausage, You Plus One enlisted the help of German legend Ron Flatter to create a mouthwatering remix that elevates the EP to new delights.

The original + remix of ‘iLL Clinton’ have been extensively road tested at You Plus One’s HAUSPARTY events + around the world, where they’ve left a smokey trail of sick destruction on the dancefloor. This EP is a testament to the skill + vision of Haddadi von Engst and Ron Flatter. The label really take its meal time seriously and confirm that these two flavours of ‘iLL Clinton’ are fit to be served on any presidential platter. Whatever your favorite dish is, this rich groove will be a completely new taste experience in everything you’ve ever known.