Electronic Bodyguards return with hypnotic single ‘Stronger’!

New LP ‘Exquisite’ out now!

It’s been nearly thirty years since Dutch producer Robin ‘Jaydee’ Albers made his indelible mark on the world of electronic music, and if this, his second album with French partner Ricoslide as Electronic Bodyguards is anything to go by, his long-established refusal to rest on his laurels continues.

The scene is set with first track Stronger, as Eastern flutes and echoing gongs quickly give way to a hypnotic synth riff, crisp downtempo beats and shards of vocal, for a synapse stroking, scene setting introduction to this immersive LP.

Second track ‘Brighter Day’s light touch soul vocals and brass riffs combine for a sparkly detour, but the drift is soon back towards languorous, immersive shades and textures. ‘So Beautiful’s beatless, two voice intro and laid back electric guitar give way to ‘No Evil’s unhurried 4/4 rhythms, with a neat 2022 bassline, spoken vocals and pattering congas making the running. ‘There’s A Rose I Know’ conjures up hazy memories of vintage era Air, with added flamenco guitar licks.

The six minutes of ‘Anaboo’ highlight some of the musical ambition that runs through ‘Exquisite’, as a plaintive sung intro gives way to rich sax tones and more acoustic guitar virtuosity, none of it overstated. The 4/4 kick drum reappears on filmic shuffler The ‘Tzolkin Warrior’, and ‘Aftermath’ sounds like a paean to the stars.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5h2jv1FsaCIYMRuUks2cKz