…. their album Space House will be out 18th march 2022

Last extract from Deorbiting’s latest full-length, “Space House”, here comes “The Journey” featuring an exclusive remix from fellow SVT artist and friend, Niko Schwind. Climbing up to stratospheric heights and leaving wisps of vapour in its trail, the original mix beams us straight back to the VHS era through a lushly hued patchwork of Casio synths, vocodized stabs and catchy riffs pouring mellifluously. Tweaking it into a proper club weapon primed for peak-time moves, Schwind mingles the spaced-out sound design of Deorbiting with his own intense mix of asymmetric programming, non-formulaic synthy grammar and a revamped cascade of processed machine talk making the rounds between Boccaccio-ready newbeat rhythms, sizzling circuit noise and mind-expanding escapism. 4×4-friendly outerspace poetics in full effect.