Tsalikee is a Greek house music producer whose deep, soulful cuts have found their spiritual home with legendary record label Quantize Recordings. After a string of essential singles on other labels, Tsalikee’s debut album, Life Dance, was released on Quantize in September 2022. Its 10 tracks evoke all that’s good about contemporary house music, from afro to funky and beyond. Tsalikee has worked with a diverse and highly talented array of vocalists along the way, including Mikie Blak, Ferraz, Nontu X, Kharen, and Chrisi.

Tsalikee (real name George Tsalikis) hails from the beautiful beach town of Nea Peramos, near Kavala in Greece. His music is inspired by greats such as David Morales, DJ Spen, Maw, Dave Lee, and many others, but the sun-kissed beauty of his hometown can also be heard in the richly varied tapestry of blissful beats, pulsing pianos, squiggly synths, and stylish samples that make up his music.

It’s now been over a decade since Tsalikee first began making music. In the years since, as well as making an essential debut album, he has made DJ appearances with such heavyweights as Joey Negro, Derrick Carter, Kid Crème, Junior Jack, and a host of others. He is forever looking forward to the next gig, seeking his next collaborator — always trying to push things forward. “Art has no limits,” he says. “Everyone has something different to give”.

With Life Dance and his floor-filling DJ sets, Tsalikee is definitely making his contribution.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4oCAjEso2S8la6ghhvbRGU
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/life-dance/1646323362