Cristian Viviano meets Anna Tur for a stunning collaboration on Descending Order label. The track done with analogue equipment drives you on a rebirth journey. Anna delivers a massive groove link up with Cristian’s emotional synthesizers till the break where his Piano accompanies Franco’s voice giving together the right sensibility to the lyrics that tells a story that sometimes humans lives, all this combos will definitely move the dancefloor on a strong and conscious experience, to break up the limits and says to be in faith for the process of rebirth, from death to life again!

In addiction three amazing remixes accompany the original version:
Cristian deliver a club mix version with his 909 groove and hypnotic bassline make it more playable and groovy, fit perfect for the clubbing scene.

Anna Tur gives an extra power to the release, delivering an overwhelming discharge of techno for the big rooms, pure energy!
And Techno Italian pioneer Joy Kitikonti made a very intense remix, more minimal but straight to the point.

To complete the work and making it a proper piece of art, the video content by Dario Denso Andriolo, a Sicilian artist, who places the emphasis on the search for oneself. Underlining the words of the text and how useful it is to remember the energy and urgency of life. A triad of symbols, an earthly face, a beating heart and a skull that underlines the fragility of the hold we have on life.

The will to shine of each individual by demonstrating only to themselves the importance of the journey, shining consciously every second.