Asem Shama releases thrilling techno single ‘Stunt Girl’ In the vibrant tapestry of Berlin’s electronic music scene, Asem Shama emerges as a sonic maestro with his latest masterpiece, “Stunt Girl.” Brace yourself for a heart-pounding journey through uncharted techno territories, as Shama fearlessly delivers a track that promises to resonate with future generations.



“Stunt Girl” is not just a techno track; it’s an unapologetically edgy, driving force that captivates with its relentless energy. Asem Shama, known for his electrifying soundscapes, catapults this composition into the night sky, offering listeners a tense, full-body experience that leaves them craving more. This is techno at its most visceral – a pulsating powerhouse resonating with the raw vigor that defines Asem Shama’s musical signature. For those attuned to Shama’s sonic evolution, “Stunt Girl” carries echoes of familiarity while seamlessly introducing fresh elements. His meticulous attention to detail interlaces each layer of sound, creating an unstoppable momentum propelling the track forward. As a Berlin-based producer and DJ, Shama once again showcases his prowess in crafting techno that is both energetic and agile, all while staying true to his distinctive style. Get ready to be swept away by the sonic thrill ride that is “Stunt Girl.”