The track, edited by Set About, is available from today on all streaming platforms and exclusively on Beatport.

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After taking to the skies with “Heaven’s Doors”, Anna Tur has a new release on her hands. This time it is a collaboration with the respected Bulgarian DJ and producer Metodi Hristov, titled “Binary Fusion”.

The four-handed track exudes pure dynamic techno. A pulsating and insistent bass line is in charge of opening the track and setting the base and tone on which the development is built. When the beat appears, a series of epic melodies does too. These dance, intertwining until they give life to a network of layers that translates into a rich sound landscape rarely seen. The melodies are both haunting and uplifting, helping to give the listener a feeling that switches between tension and release.But without a doubt, the element that stands out above the rest in this collaboration between Anna Tur and Metodi Hristov is the arpeggiator. It is a distinctive yet strange element that traces a hypnotic spiral pattern leaving and joining the melody. An inexhaustible source of profound disorientation that, nevertheless, is captivating and attractive.In the words of Anna Tur:“There are many reasons that have made this production flow and become a reality. An important one is my long-standing admiration for Metodi as a producer. I think he has a special sensitivity for producing and transmitting emotions through music. In 2022 I had the opportunity to meet him. We played a b2b at the  Sunrise Festival in Poland on the “Carl Cox Invites” stage and the connection was immediate. During our set, we both played some of our unreleased tracks at the time. I asked him about some of the tracks he was playing and he said: they’re mine! That was an amazing experience.At that time, I was 7 months pregnant (I was working almost until the last moment and shortly after), and he asked me to collaborate with him to work on something for his label SET ABOUT. And, of course, I said YES! It was a very happy time for me, I had a lot of energy and was feeling really good – I had just had a baby! After Christmas, we both worked in the studio and the result was a powerful track. A musical journey of techno sound with energy and melodics, telling a story of positive vibes and flowing energy. I’m very happy with it and I hope you can all enjoy playing or dancing to it on the dancefloor.”Binary Fusion”, edited by Set About, Metodi Hristov’s label, is available from today on all streaming platforms and exclusively on Beatport.